A bounty system for ideas and projects

January 22, 2022

Sometimes I have ideas that I think would be really cool, but I lack the technical skills to do it, or I don’t have a clear idea of how to execute. So those ideas usually just die with me, because I don’t have anywhere to load them off to.

Other times I feel this itch to make something. But when I don’t have my own ideas, I don’t know many places to turn for inspiration. So I end up doing something less preferable, like busy work.

But imagine a system that solves both these issues: one that would let people submit ideas that they can’t complete, and simultaneously enable other people to non-coercively take on those ideas — kind of like a bounty, of sorts.



  • Person B wants to work on something.
  • They go to the idea masterlist.
  • They pick an idea, they contact Person A, and work on the idea.

General thoughts

This is centered around small projects (like a drawing or a YouTube video), not massive endeavors like launching an entire product line.

The point is not to manually match people with projects, but rather, for people to match themselves with projects they find interesting.

There would be a menu of choices regarding division of intellectual property or rights.